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Actor/Director Commentary

Writer/Director Jay Middaugh, along with Actors Anna Sudac and Jesse MacMillan share their memories from making LIVE in Kingston.  Check out the Megan commentary with Co-Star Tracey Guptill below

Production Commentary

Supervising Producer Greg Tilson, Producers Josh Lyon and Mariah Horner, and Writer/Director Jay Middaugh chat about the challenges and rewards of making their first feature film together. 

Megan Edition

Actor Tracey Guptill was in Paris, attending Ecole Philippe Gaulier, when the Actor Commentary was recorded, so we made this special cut and brought Tracey in to complete the story. Listen to Tracey and Jay try to remember all the things from long ago. 

Official Trailer

Teaser Trailer #2

Teaser Trailer #1

Crowd Funding Campaign Video

Crowd Funding Update Video

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